Your holiday made to measure for you

There are a thousand different ways to visit a country: we create your holiday in response to your own particular requirements and expectations.

at your own pace

The true definition of luxury travel is  to be able  to take your time and make the most of every moment.  From the outset you determine the pace for your trip.  Furthermore, once you have arrived,  thanks to your own personalised guide you will continue to enjoy the liberty to decide one day at a time how you wish to allocate your time:

Whether you opt to see the sun rise over the temples of Angkor or linger over your copious breakfast before setting off – the choice is yours!

your dates

The facility to choose the dates for and length of your trip is the sine qua non for a bespoke excursion.

Whether you plan to be away ten days or two months we will put together a personalized itinerary reflecting your very own project and in accordance with your availability.

Reflecting your passions and interests

Whether you are passionate about the history of civilizations and their culture; an inveterate hiker or a mad keen photographer almost all countries can be approached in a way that reflects your own particular interests.  

Hike in the remote heights of the Himalayas; assist in the preparation of a traditional Cambodian feast or explore the vineyards of South America – we guarantee unforgettable, magic moments.

The right guide for you

We believe that it is the quality of your guide which will determine to a great extent the overall success of your trip and that is why we select ours with the utmost care.  They are chosen not only for the quality of their expertise and the depth of their knowledge but also and perhaps more importantly for their capacity to share with you their passion and enthusiasm.  They are very often French or Swiss.  Alternating with hand-picked local guides guarantees and exceptionally enriching experience.

In Africa our guides are usually highly experience rangers with an in-depth knowledge of the local wildlife – flora and faun.

Accommodation chosen by you for you

Staying with us you will experience something very special:  an exceptional setting; an architectural gem; an un-forgettable view.

Our coup de coeur are very often small hotels of exceptional charm which we have discovered for our selves on the ground.   These establishments, on a human scale combine comfort and a very high quality service together with refined indigenous decoration.    It is possible to book them just for you or exclusively for you, your family and friends.

All this at a competitive price

We create exclusive holidays of exceptional quality but we offer them at a reasonable price.  How is this possible?

First and foremost we work directly with our own guides and local partners on the ground thus greatly reducing the number of middle men.   

Further more our professional status of official tour operator enables us to negotiate favourable rates, on your behalf with the airlines and hotels. 

Finally our experience and up to date grass roots knowledge permits us to really make the most of your itinerary avoiding unnecessary journeys or un-interesting visits.

We pride ourselves on never selling exactly the same holiday twice!   As craftsmen each excursion we create is unique in response to the individual desires, interest and priorities of you our clients.

At Vanilla Tiger it is the holiday project that adapts to your desires and not the other way round.  This is why in our office you will not find a pile of glossy brochures with a list of ‘ready to sell’ holidays but rather a first class team of experts ready to create with and for you  your very own adventure – wherever and in whatever form you desire.