Rediscover the real art of travel with Vanilla Tiger

A travel agent distinct from rest…..

An independent agency

In contrast to many other travel agencies we operate as an independent agent.  This means we never broker ready-made trips, excursions or holiday packages:  all the trips we sell are conceived and compile within our own office.   As a result we are in a position to control every aspect of the excursions we create.

A sense of service
Throughout the preparation of your travel project you are in touch with the same expert agent specialising in your particular destination and the creation your personalised trip. He or she will handle your project in its entirety and will be available for consultation before, during and after your journey.

An Agency you can trust
As a major player in the world of bespoke travel since 1999 our reputation for reliability, efficiency and creativity is now well-established.  Furthermore we are members of the TPA in itself a mark of quality and an additional guarantee of assurance and peace of mind for our clients if they were too encounter any problems.
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Guarantee of a fair price
Our independence, combined with the exceptional network of guides, hotels and on the ground representatives we have built up and nurtured over the years, enable us to off you holidays and voyages of an exceptional quality at very competitive rates.

….for holidays which are out of the ordinary.

100% made to measure

Your holiday or your expedition will be entirely put together in accordance with  your personal areas of interest and your expectations.  You will travel at a rhythm which suits you; on the dates of your choice and stay in the sort of accommodation you desire.

Expert Advisors
All our travel experts specialise in a limited number of destinations.  They have an exceptional and in depth knowledge of their chosen countries and will systematically have carried out several reconnaissance trips on the ground.  This ensures that the advice they give is based on personal experience, not third hand opinion.

The best guides
Our outstanding guides are your guarantee that your Vanilla Tiger holiday will be truly unforgettable.   Depending on your particular destination we offer either local guides who linguistic skills are tried-and tested or alternatively English speaking ex-patriot guides.

 Vanilla Tiger is a beacon of excellence in the crowded landscape of today’s travel industry.
We pride ourselves on our savoir-faire and experience in the creation of bespoke holiday solutions for the demanding and discerning traveller.